Lady Gynecologist in Hebbal

Dr. Sireesha Reddy is one of the best gynecologist in Hebbal, Bangalore. From adolescence to menopause, Dr. Sireesha and team are here to support women to stay strong and happy. Her expert team of gynecologists assure you the best service you need.

Our gynaecology specialists provide treatments for female health problems such as Hysterectomy, Pap smear and Colposcopy, Endometriosis treatment, Fibroid treatment, Urinary Incontinence treatment, Infections (UTI, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) treatment, Prolapse treatment, Premenstrual syndrome treatment, Contraception, and HPV vaccination etc.

The Leaders in Gynecology treatment at Bangalore.

Dr Sireesha Reddy team of specialists consists of gynecologists, surgeons specializing in laparoscopy, highly training nursing staff, experienced lab professionals and an extremely efficient emergency management team. Harnessing one of the most rapidly advancing technological areas of medicine, much of the treatment offered utilises minimally invasive techniques, which often result in shorter inpatient stay and recovery times.

Our Gynecology Treatment offers

  • Endometriosis Treatment
  • Adolescent gynaecology
  • Assessment & treatment of various gynaecological problems
  • Pap smear & colposcopy