Pre-Conception Counselling in Hebbal

If you are trying or just thinking about getting pregnant then preconception planning can assist you and your partner understand how to prepare your body for the healthy pregnancy and how to maximize the chances of easy conception. Dr Sireesha Reddy provides supportive, sensitive, patient and detailed preconception counselling to both couples . A detailed history, thorough examination and relevant, required investigations ensure a healthy pregnancy outcome later.


Pre-conception counselling is an important step before planning pregnancy for every couple. Dr. Sireesha Reddy is an eminent gynaecologist in Hebbal offering tailored preconception counselling to the couples. You can contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment for preconception counselling.

There are various reasons which would let you consider preconception counselling as an important measure before a pregnancy

  • Achieving the best status of health for both the partners to achieve easy and natural conception.
  • To avoid or minimize pregnancy complications.
  • Achieving the optimum body weight / BMI before pregnancy.
  • Screening for STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and their treatment before pregnancy.
  • Relevant vaccinations and cervical cancer screening tests ( Pap test).
  • Starting preconception folic acid to prevent neural tube defects in the baby.